Full Skill Priest of the Other World

As if possessed, ASU can feel. His whole body was suddenly filled with the power that would explode at any time. The iron bbāng in his hand was waved crazily by him. The soil around his eyes poured down to the ground like a rainstorm. I can't remember how long it took. A strange feeling came from the peak of the iron bbāng. A Su could shake all over his body and couldn't wait to touch it with his fingers. It was obvious that it was a narrow gap, a very smooth and neat gap. The gap is filled with an unknown material, after many years of erosion, although these fillers are still very hard, but it is obviously not enough to withstand the attack of the sharp spear in the hands of Asuke. In the midst of Asuke's frantic movements, a rectangular gap appears. In the feel of his fingertips. He could not see anything in the dark tunnel, but the gap was so bright in his heart. It worked! A thought was churning violently with his heart, a kind of salt. Salty and hot liquid ran slowly across his face. At this time, he felt the m'mō of the Ji'jiāo collection, holding the iron B'bāng in his hand, and the old man's last words to him lingered in his ears. "Remember my steps, dig in this direction, dig to the fifth.". At one hundred and twenty-one paces. You will arrive at that place. It's a house made of stone walls. I've been here for more than thirty years, and the house has been idle for thirty years. This thing is long enough for you to hollow out the sticky rice paste on the stones used to build the wall, so that you can open a d'dòng head on the wall. After entering the room, do what I said before, and maybe you will have some hope to escape from this place. Back then,plastic pallet bins, the old man. The body has been very poor. After saying those words, he comforted the sad Asuke and said jokingly, "Let's pray together, let's pray that you are lucky enough not to wait until you enter the house that has been idle for thirty years and find that you are waiting for the knights and priests of the church.." Asu couldn't pray, and you couldn't expect an 18-year-old who had been locked up in the church for eighteen years to do such a thing, although the old man kept telling him that there must be a reason for it, but Asu didn't want to find out what the reason was,collapsible pallet box, he just wanted a result. The result of being able to live freely outside the house like those people the old man said. So at this time, Asuke decided to celebrate his victory in his own way, he decided that today's work was over, the rest of the time he would go to a familiar place, a few days did not move, there should be a lot of cockroaches, plus when he came to find two spiders in the cell, this time enough for him to have a good meal. If you are lucky enough to meet a clumsy mouse, it will be more perfect. Thinking about this, Asu felt extremely happy. He crept around in the tunnel and crawled contentedly into the cell where he had lived for nearly twenty years. As night slowly fell, the sacred place of Constantine's church looked more peaceful and peaceful under the slightly bright candle lights. The Holy See of Constantine was much more powerful than the Holy See of Oscar, and he was one of the two most powerful churches that split from the original Holy See. In the Duchy of Mamel, where it is located, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet suppliers, the Pope of Constantine's papacy is even comparable to the king of the Duchy. The Duchy of Mamel was similar to the Duchy of Hausen, and the Church of Oscar, where Eddard was hiding, did not dare to set up the General Church in the Duchy of Hausen, but in a small country next to the Principality of Housen, which belonged to the Holy League of Hauluka. The Supreme God said that if there is light, there will be darkness, which is true. At the northwest end of the Constantine Church, there are some stone houses that are always dark. There are many legends about these stone houses, some say that they are the prison cells for pagans, some say that they are the confessions of priests after they have made mistakes, and some are very unreliable. For example, there was a time when it was said that these stone houses were actually places where priests and nvs had secret trysts. Of course, no one would take these rumors, which were obviously fabricated by pagans, seriously. But no matter how people guessed, the real answer was always hidden in the dark. In the center, covered by darkness, is a slightly larger stone house, which is very large and washed very clean, and on the top of the room, there is a magic spar that makes the magicians of the mainland envious, and its function is only to maintain a small ice magic to lower the temperature in the house, but even so, it is not. Lying on the soft m'máo blanket in the dark, Alice was still unable to sleep, not because of the faint musty smell of the house, but because of what was about to happen tomorrow, which made her unable to control her incomparable mood. Alice, who was transported from the island of the wicked, was much more unlucky than Ed and Goody. She was transported into a beautiful valley of huhuā, and as soon as she fell to the ground and opened her eyes, she was immediately attracted by a huhuā that had not yet opened. Seeing the flower, Alice could not help but stretch out her hand. It seemed that there was a force summoning her and dominating her. At this time, she was no longer her. She lost her mind. Finally, when Alice held so many small Hu, the whole valley of Hu suddenly went dark, only the small Hu in Alice's hands emitted a dazzling light, but Alice did not feel dazzling at all. Gradually, after standing for a few minutes holding the little Hu, Alice finally came to her senses. Then she found that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't move. Alice could only hold the little huhā and stand there like a puppet until a group of nv believers in priest's robes walked into the valley. When they found Alice and the little huhā in Alice's hands,collapsible pallet box, they burst into loud cheers. Alice was then carried by the group to the hut where she was now, and from their jijiāo talks, Alice got a general idea of the situation she was facing. binpallet.com