Dressed as the daughter of cannon fodder who was tortured to death by twists and turns

And Xie Tiao looked intently at the ants to eat, always gloomy as dark clouds in the eyes, a rare more than a smile. The housekeeper closed his eyes subconsciously, and then looked at the past, the dark phoenix eyes as cold as water, there is no smile. It should be his delusion. On this side, after successfully getting Xie Yimao's phone, Su Wei immediately called him. Who is it? "It's me, Suvi." Frozen assets, forced to nest at home to pick feet Xie Yimao heard the name of Su Wei, a clever body, instant spirit up. He looked alert. "How did you get my phone number?" "You don't have to worry about that." Su Wei said lightly: "The black material on the Internet was exploded by you." Tangxin Chengcheng finishing: Happy New Year to the little angels. Recently, the new pneumonia virus has been extended. The little angels should pay attention to safety. It's better to stay at home more. Explain "It wasn't me!" Xie Yimao was so upset that he said, "I admit that I did the hot search two months ago, but this time it really has nothing to do with me. My brother froze my assets for you. It's useless for my mother to intercede with me. Are you satisfied now?" Hearing this, Su Wei was stunned. She didn't expect this to happen without her knowing it. Did Xie Tiao freeze Xie Yimao's account? But why? Is it.. Because of her? Su Wei is rarely a little confused, but she has never been able to guess this person, nor do she want to flatter herself. Putting this strange idea aside,side impact beams, Su Wei collected herself and asked again, "If it's not you, who is it?" "It was Zhen Jiajia who instigated Huo Tingting to do it." He is such a bitch as Zhen Jiajia. People are badly hurt Nothing has been done. Disaster has fallen from the sky. It seems that he is sure to take the blame. Already ready for Su Wei will not believe him, but listen to Su Wei on the phone: "I believe you once." Xie Yimao was stunned. Xie Yu did not give him the opportunity to explain on the freezing of his account, with his contradictions Su Wei actually believe what he said? Su Wei called Xie Yimao, wanted to set his words,impact beam tubes, and then recorded, did not expect an unexpected harvest, almost instantly she changed her mind. She softened her voice and said slowly, "Since you didn't do it, don't you want to clarify for yourself with your brother?" "He didn't answer my phone. I went to find him and he didn't see me. What else can I do?" At this point, Xie Yimao paused and could not help saying in a sarcastic tone: "Speaking of it, you are really a good means. You have fascinated my brother so quickly. When you agreed to go with me, you suddenly went back on your word. You wanted to stay and put a long line to catch a big fish. Su Wei, I really looked down on you at the beginning." Su Wei's eyes flashed slightly. "It's not too late for you to know," she said. “……” "Your brother spoils me now and offends me, which is not good for you." "You.." "Why does your brother want to freeze your assets? Don't you think about the reason?" Su Wei said deliberately in a soft voice? Although you didn't do it this time, what's the difference between what Zhen Jiajia did and what you did? If you want to solve the current dilemma, you have only one way, aluminium coated tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, that is, to clarify the black material for me. "If you think I'm stupid and clarify for you, don't you put myself in it?" "Isn't there a Zhen Jiajia?" "What do you mean?" "Zhen Jiajia is your girlfriend. It should be easy for her to get pictures from your mobile phone." "You mean." Xie Yimao suddenly. Su Wei laughed and said, "I think you should know what to do." After hanging up the phone, Su Wei breathed a sigh of relief. Playing tricks is very tired, and I don't know how Huo Tingting and Zhen Jiajia are always keen on intrigue. Originally she did not want to fight with them, but Zhen Jiajia this kind of person, once she hated, as long as there is a chance she will try to revenge back, early know is such a situation, when Xie Tiao gave her the right to decide, she said nothing to give Zhen Jiajia on the variety show. Fortunately, it's not too late to wake up now. "Well, that's all for today's course. The third program will be recorded tomorrow. Come on, everyone." The class teacher encouraged everyone in front of the stage, and then announced the dissolution. "Whew! I'm so tired. It's finally over." "Tomorrow's game, it is said that twelve people will be eliminated again, and I feel that I am hanging this time." "I also think I have a good chance of being eliminated." People left the training classroom one after another. An Shuya looked back and looked at Su Wei, who was walking with Liu Tiantian. They didn't know what they had talked about, so they saw Su Wei bending her eyes with a smile in her eyes. Anshuya frowned. That's weird. Be scolded by netizens like this, Su Wei can still laugh? "Sister." With a pat on the back, Anshuya turned her head and saw Anzino standing behind her. "Where are Mom and Dad?" Asked Anshuya. "It's not convenient for them to come in. They're waiting in the car." An Zinuo says casually: "Mom birthday, she wants to order simply, restaurant father has been booked." Anshuya nodded. Although there are no special circumstances, students and outsiders can not go in and out at will, but only for ordinary students, she wants to go out as long as she says hello. He was about to leave with Anzinuo when he saw Anzinuo looking around with his neck propped up, as if he were looking for someone. What are you looking at? An Zinuo was not in a hurry to reply. He searched the crowd and saw a familiar figure. His eyes lit up and he said to An Shuya, "Sister, you meet your parents first. I'll be here in a minute." Then, without waiting for Anshuya to say anything, he ran after him with his long legs. An Shuya subconsciously chased two steps, at the corner to see an Zinuo patted Su Wei on the shoulder, at the foot of a step. Shuya, what's wrong with you? Teammates saw her stop where she was and asked doubtfully. Anshuya came to her senses and said slowly, "It's nothing." Looking up again, there was no figure of Su Wei and An Zinuo. This compartment, Su Wei listen to an Zinuo said there is something to ask her, let Liu Tiantian go first, intend to lead an Zinuo in the vicinity of the walk,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, while walking and said, an Zi Nuo said he had something to do later, briefly asked her what is going on in the hot search. cbiesautomotive.com