A Year in Provence

Within 50 meters, it was already clear that the goats were not natural athletes, or that they had misunderstood the purpose of the competition. Two of them ran only a few meters and then stopped abruptly, saying that they did not want to move forward. The helpless jockey had to run ahead himself, struggling to drag the ignorant runners. After the other one started to run, he remembered the mission he should have completed half an hour ago and stopped resolutely at the first turn to answer the call of nature. Our'Nini ', perhaps because of a blind spot, rushed straight ahead at the turning point, throwing innocent jockeys into the audience. As for the other players, under the stimulation of various incentives, they climbed up the mountain sporadically. Kick their asses! Shouted our potbellied friend. The Parisian woman we had seen earlier was somehow pushed to our side. After hearing the bold words of the big belly brother, he shrank back subconsciously. This action instead aroused the fighting spirit of the pot-bellied brother, and he began to further demonstrate his profound knowledge. Do you know He winked at the lady from Paris. "The last one will be eaten, grilled with a spit.". Really. The Parisian woman quickly pulled her sunglasses out of her hairline and put them on. But what could not be concealed was that her face was not very good. The race track circles the village heights and then descends back to the fountain in the square. The fountain has now been converted into a water defense line, with hay piled on both sides and plastic sheets drawn in the middle. Players must Wade or swim to reach the water polo terminal outside the cafe. This is really a severe test of cooperation and perseverance between players and knights. The race observers broadcast the game loudly at the relay station of the race. The news we have so far is that No.1 and No.6 are fighting fiercely for the lead. Careful people found that only nine players were mentioned before and after the broadcast,Precision Welded pipes, and one of them was elusive. Maybe the throat was cut. Said to the Parisian woman confidently with a big belly. At the end of her patience, she pushed away the crowd and found another way. There was a splash from the other side of the fountain, followed by a woman's shouting and cursing. It turned out that someone had been plotted by the water defense line before the players. It was a little girl, standing waist-deep in the wet water, crying out in terror. Here comes the sheep! Here comes the sheep! The girl's mother,stainless steel tube 304, fearing that her child would be killed, trampled the red-eyed contestants into mud and quickly pulled up her skirt and jumped into the water. Look at her thighs! The big belly poked me with an elbow and kissed his fingertips to express his exclamation and admiration. Accompanied by a clatter of hoofbeats, the two leading players have come to the fountain. That's our number six and the number one mentioned in the broadcast just now. The two players seemed to have a tacit understanding. Before arriving at the pool, they plunged into the haystack beside the pool without hesitation, without any intention of wetting their bodies. The jockeys had to use a combination of carrot and stick to push the competitors into the water and pull them out of the water at the other end of the pool. The rest of the journey was much smoother. The riders waved their sticks and rushed to the finish line, like medieval warriors shaking their spears on their mounts. The wet canvas shoes chirped on the asphalt road, leaving a string of footprints that witnessed the growth of the winners. The No.1 player was the first to pierce the water balloon when his buttocks were hit hard. Only then did I realize that the lovely Parisian lady had occupied the best position at some point and witnessed the historical moment when the winner was born. Unfortunately, she was so immersed in her historical mission that she was unexpectedly hit head-on by the torrent pouring down from the water balloon. She stepped back neatly and unfortunately crashed into a fresh pile of sheep dung. The sixth knight, who had sharpened his stick before the game, managed to pierce the water balloon before the next player arrived. The players arrived at the finish line one after another, and finally, Precision steel tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, only the last water balloon was left hanging alone on the rope. That's number nine, our directionless' Nini ', poor thing she couldn't finish the race. Seeing my sense of loss, Potbelly patted me on the shoulder and comforted me by saying, "Don't worry, the butcher will find her." After the show, we saw Nini on our way back to the car. She broke the rope and ran away from the jockey, standing high in a small garden overlooking the street, eating geranium leaves leisurely with her head down, her little hat clasped comically on the top of one horn. We sincerely wish her a long life and escape the clutches of butchers and potbellies. A tumultuous day "Good morning, Mason." "Morning, plumber." As soon as the work team arrived, it was another hot and noisy day. They exchanged greetings and handshakes as if they were meeting for the first time, according to their positions rather than their names. Christian, the architect, worked with them for many years and never called them by their first names, but always solemnly and complicatedly linked their surnames to their positions, such as Mannich plumber, Andre bricklayer and Truffelli stonemason. This makes the names of some of them sound long, serious and aristocratic. For example, the carpet-laying Jean Pierre, formally known as "poscur de moquette, the carpet-maker", gave me the feeling of meeting a medieval Marquis, which made me respect him. The Mannich plumber drilled holes in the walls of my house, supposedly to make every corner of the house feel the heat he laid. At this moment, everyone gathered around one of the holes, seriously discussing the date and progress of the project, as if there were a group of people who were born to be punctual. The progress of the work will follow a strict sequence: all the pipes will be installed by Mannich first, followed by the bricklayer, who will lay bricks and repair stones, and then the electrician, the plasterer, the tiler,Cold Drawn Tubes, the carpenter and the painter in that order. In view of the fact that all of you here are from Provence, no one dares to effectively confirm the specific completion date of the project. 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