Plainclothes police

The next day the whole group began to search for the sender of the alarm letter According to the division of labor set on Sunday afternoon Dachen and Xiaolu went to the pre-trial office to interrogate Xu Bangcheng Zhou Zhiming cut a blank piece of paper from the original letter and sent it to the paper-making research Institute to identify the origin of the paper Yan Jun I went to the wholesale department of the city department store to find out whether this kind of paper had been purchased in Nanzhou Several groups of troops go hand in hand Paper Chemicals everyone is full of confidence to kill out But the morning's record is a bit disappointing Feng Hanzhang in front of the evidence although had to admit the alarm effect of the letter but who sent it to him he did not know; Chou Chih-ming ran into an even bigger snag at the papermaking research Institute A few technicians gathered together for a long time and could only judge from the thickness finish color and texture of the paper that it was 52 grams of relief paper made of wheat straw pulp But to accurately identify the origin it was necessary to have a sample paper of more than 16 carats complete without creases for paper inspection and tensile testing Where could we find this Compared with them Yan Junde had a brilliant record She not only found out the origin and printing factory of this kind of lined paper in the city department store but also copied back the purchase date quantity and wholesale and retail units in Nanzhou City She even got the current stock situation of the department store But how far away it is to find out the general direction of the sender from more than sixty units and shops that have entered this kind of paper! Everyone looked at these densely copied recording papers and all of them were silent In the evening it seemed to get dark earlier than usual Although the wind which had been blowing for a day and a night had stopped there were sandy snowflakes outside In a short time the ground was covered with a thin layer of crystal milk Because of the snow and because the investigation work was in a hurry Duan Xingyu decided to let everyone go back earlier as soon as he got off work at 530 After dinner Zhou Zhiming stayed alone in the office There was no light in the office It was dark and quiet It looked empty He suddenly had a strange feeling as if he was in a very desolate uninhabited desert Oh what a strange feeling it was Around here around this building there are bustling downtown gorgeous theatres green parks wide roads it is the time when the lights are on Big Chen Xiao Lu Xiao Yan where are they In the downtown in the theater in the park in a warm home How common and desirable it is to have such a quiet evening to relieve the tension in the gap between long hours of work He stood at the window in a daze feeling rather forlorn He is different from them He is only eager to work overtime now hoping that his work will not be idle He is most afraid of no one in the office no one talking no sound of opening and closing the safe When everyone left his heart was a desert blank and lonely Oh the bustling Guangji Road the gorgeous Red Flag Theater the green Jianguo Park go for a walk China Chemicals Suppliers go for a walk With who Mengmeng When he thinks of Mengmeng he can't be quiet He had a little plan He had never been able to have a good time with Mengmeng since he came out of the new river He planned to wait for Mengmeng's winter vacation If the case could be settled Cory would give their group a few days off At that time he would accompany Mengmeng to go out and have a good time Beijing Jinan Mount Tai anywhere would be OK It was up to him To be fair Mengmeng is kind to him he can not forget from the new river brick factory oh he can not forget that hot summer He wanted to repay her with all his love He always thought so always thought so but just think but can not do anything he only care about this deadly case did not have a good tenderness with Mengmeng occasionally quarrel together he is really a fool why do you want to quarrel Why not cherish the happiness you have got a little Always dream of changing Mengmeng's wrong prejudices at once why not consider changing it Pesticide Intermediates A person often can't just rely on debate and reasoning but needs a lot of facts and a long time All this before I separated from her I didn't realize it and now it's irretrievable Mengmeng hates him and he can't come to admit his mistake again He can't be so shameless Mengmeng stabbed him so recklessly and scolded him out of the house He could not forget that situation either When he thought of it he wanted to shed tears No not to find her no no! He felt like an angry child In the dim moonlight in front of the window he looked at his watch hesitated for a moment and finally went to the telephone and dialed the internal telephone of the Public Security Bureau He first dialed the number of Ma Sanyao's office The earphone beeped for a long time but no one answered He then dialed the phone of the duty room of the criminal police team and this time it was connected "Please find me Ma Sanyao" He said No The other side answered without thinking Home from work He asked again Where are you The other side asked in reply I am five "Ah there was a robbery in Shinan District just now and Captain Ma went to the scene" "Ah" He hung up the phone and froze for a moment Indeed Ma Sanyao is a busy man and it is unreasonable and unrealistic wishful thinking to ask him to put aside those vicious criminal cases and spend manpower and material resources on investigating the cause of death of a suicide He left the office in a daze went downstairs in silence stood at the door of the building for a moment and then walked out Instead of going back to the small tool room in the west courtyard he rode his bicycle to the west A solitary street lamp was burning in the west lane and the thin snow was dancing up and down like a flapping midge under its orange light He pushed the door and walked into the courtyard which was as quiet as an empty house He did not know whether his visit on a snowy night would bring comfort or embarrassment to the courtyard He could not predict what had happened to the relationship between the members of the family in the past day or two He had come here only under a subconscious thought At this time he thought he should come to see the old neighbor